One Goal. One Idea. One Filter. 
Every person no matter where they are, deserves a chance at clean water. In 
America, this is something that we commonly take for granted. However, in Haiti, these necessities are hard to come by; especially clean water. The water crisis in Haiti is so bad 8,111 people have died from cholera since October 2010 to June 2013.  Mission Blue Aqua was founded after my visit to Haiti in 2015. With the continued support, we have been able to provide 30 bio-sand filters in 2017.

The Team
Sana Shahul- Founder
Members: Elena Stern, Viviana Glick, Ela Chintagunta, Julia Anitescu, Orla Molloy, Sadhi Vag-Urminsky

Did You Know?
"Haiti has the lowest rates of access to improved water and sanitation infrastructure in the western hemisphere. "

"Haiti reported that 16% of child-under-five deaths in Haiti were directly related to waterborne diseases, before the earthquake. 

"Now, in the months after the massive 7.0 earthquake in early 2010, the problems of water scarcity have increased greatly."
How Can You Contribute?
You can donate straight through here. All funds go straight to buying the bio-sand filters. We have cooperated with a hospital in Haiti who makes these filters for us. We have already had fifteen filters distributed in Haiti. Remember every penny counts.








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The Goal

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